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How Do You Lead?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Evolving women know that leadership is not reserved for people who want to take several people under their wing. You lead in many more ways than you give yourself credit for.

Since we know you're still are you showing up as a leader in your life? Maybe you have recently decided that you intend to start developing some new habits and you are having trouble implementing them...


You sit down on Sunday (a day you don't have to fulfill any of these) and write out all of your goals for the week. You feel so motivated because there have been so many things you have been wanting to do (getting your car washed, cleaning your home, meal prepping, resuming your skincare routine, etc.). After you make the list and put those things into your schedule for the week, you are thrilled and so proud!
As the week begins, you KILL it on Monday, crossing off everything on your to-do list. On Tuesday, you have to stay late at work and that throws your day off so you move those extra tasks to Wednesday. On Wednesday, you totally forgot it was your friend's birthday and you are going out to dinner so you cannot do yesterday or today's extra tasks. You are also spending more money AND throwing off your meals for the week.

By Thursday, you give up, you order out and sit on the couch to binge watch your favorite show. You get ready for bed, without doing your skincare because why bother? You have already "ruined" your week and you may as well start over next week. You sit in your bed scrolling and thinking, this is why I don't waste my time planning, I never actually make it through my list. I have wasted time, wasted food and I have shown no progress on anything.


You feel so defeated. You are stressed because you always find yourself in the same viscous cycle of ambitiously setting goals and not achieving them. You just want to hop off of this rollercoaster of let down!
You have a bright vision for yourself. You are sick of just reading motivational books and listening to podcasts. You want to FEEL like the leader and experience growth and success in real life! You know you are capable of achieving what you set your mind to but you just don't know how to make the changes stick.

You have tried to speak this new version of yourself into existence. You have bought the groceries, made a commitment to ensure that your goals were written down and started your week off strong. You just do not understand what you are doing wrong!


Stop for a moment and breathe in this does the leader in you evaluate herself?!
Most of us want to get to our goal fast so that we can return to less. For example, you feel that you MUST workout 7 days a week so that you can quickly lose 15 pounds, THEN you can workout 3-4 days a week. You MUST use any free time you have to work on your business or business idea until you get 10 clients/customers THEN you can create a more structured schedule.

Why can't you just create the structure you want now without the extra burden?
Could you already been living your ideal life without knowing it? Try setting your goals in the perspective of the leader (the person who isn't striving to get there because she has already made it) and see how much of life is actually aligned with your goals!

You will quickly see that the goals you have been setting were set in lack. In this idea that you should do it quickly and get it over with so that you can then create structure and balance. Create the structure now. Create the balance now. Leaders know that life will meet them where they are. If you are showing up and setting goals from a place of leadership, making sure you can SEE those goals and making them manageable for the version of yourself you are won't recognize the leader you turn into tomorrow.

Reset. Re-Evaluate. Restructure.

Ready to make those goals visible? GRAB your new goddess agenda (using the link below) and step into the leadership you KNOW you are ready for!!

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