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Lacking Motivation? Consider this…

Some changes happen loudly! You feel intense anger or stress immediately and you know exactly what the cause was. Other things happen subtly, over time and you don’t notice them until the “little things” become unbearable.

You may be wondering, why do the things that used to interest me make me irritated? Why do I feel like I have no energy even when I sleep enough? Why do I HATE going to this job that I used to enjoy? Why am I so avoidant? Well, these issue are not one size fits all. You may actually need more sleep, need to consider taking vitamins, need to hydrate more and all of the other “health things.”

However, if those things have been addressed, it is time to consider how much time you are dedicating to yourself. If your days frequently start by immediately getting up, throwing on whatever was clean, skipping packing your lunch because you don’t have time, not getting yourself to your level of “looking presentable”, running late so traffic is pissing you off, getting to the office and you are immediately on every one else’s time; I sincerely doubt you are as approachable as you could be or even interested in what you are doing.


You don’t want to do anything for anyone else and you certainly don’t want anyone to be around you for too long because aren’t happy with your appearance today. Now, on top of all of that, you rush home either because you are simply sick of the day, you have kids to pick up, a spouse to be with or parents to take care of. You are once again immediately placed in a position to be considerate of someone else. Do this 5 days a week over the span of months or years and you realize this issue didn’t SUDDENLY appear at all.


The lack of time to yourself over time will certainly cause you stress. Especially if your evenings and weekends consist of you still “showing up” for your friends and family. This can cause so much resentment!

Do yourself a favor and re-evaluate how you spend the first and last hour of your day. What can you do more slowly and intentionally for yourself? What can you be more present with? How can you find time to spend with yourself before even considering anyone else? Put yourself at the top of your priority list for the first hour of your day and your BEST self will carry you through the rest of the day babe!

With Love,


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