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Modern Fulfillment

While convenience and opportunities are at an all time high, we must ask ourselves, why is everyone so unhappy? Why are we continuously experiencing such a high level of stress and anxiety? Why is fulfillment in life so difficult to achieve?

It is no surprise that social media contributes so highly to the anxiety of the world. Your life can be so easily influenced by what you see. Unfortunately, this causes some people to feel like they need to “keep up with the Joneses.” Many times, this will manifest itself by you saying “when I accomplish this, I will be happy.” This is completely untrue and deep down, you probably know it. Basing your happiness upon the next milestone in your life is not a way to live. Most likely, that milestone will turn into the next one and your happiness will be inevitably reserved until the end of your life.


My thought is that most people are unfulfilled because they are laser focused on one goal and are malnourishing the different parts of their lives that actually fulfill them. (Meaning, they are working so hard on something that doesn’t actually contribute to THEIR idea of fulfillment or just a small portion of it). In return, you can perceive yourself as a failure or as if you just can’t seem to get it together. When really, this is just ONE part of your life.

Maybe your mind has been on weight loss for years (for aesthetic or health reasons) but when you really think about what makes you whole, you realize that it isn’t just your health you have been slacking on. Maybe, you also haven’t been saving enough to feel secure. Possibly, you are missing spiritual influences or maybe you have been unintentionally slacking in your relationship.

You have to remember that you are a WHOLE person. Sometimes, you have to compartmentalize your life and decipher if you are giving too much attention to one part and because you are not seeing the results, by default, your ENTIRE life feels affected. Make time to take small steps towards ALL of your requirements of fulfillment and you are guaranteed to feel whole again.


With Love,


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