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Start Before You're Ready!

We have all been burned by trying to do things we were not ready for. Biting into a slice of pizza when it was too hot, getting the car we knew we could not afford or possibly getting into a relationship too soon and all of those things likely went wrong. This resulted in a lesson learned that you should only do things when you are “ready.” Unfortunately, this mindset does not work with EVERY aspect in your life.


The more common things that people want to change within their lives but feel they need to wait until the right time is making health changes, switching jobs and starting a business. You may be thinking, there is definitely work to be done before doing this. Yes, that work is called research. Before you switch over your diet and workout routines (or lack thereof) over entirely, you should definitely check your blood work and check with your doctor for possible things to consider. Before you move, you should definitely look into the new area and determine what you can afford and before you start your business you should definitely have some ideas of what you are planning to do and how much money you may need to start this idea. However, unfortunately, even with this research done, YOU STILL WON’T FEEL READY! Because all of this is new and that is how everyone feels. You are not wrong for feeling concerned about taking these leaps, it is completely normal!

Well then, what should you do? You just have to start. You have to actually endure the daunting day 1 of this journey you are embarking on. There are two reasons that starting is the only way you are going to feel better about what you are doing.


#1. When you start something, you begin to build momentum. Have you ever noticed when there is something in your inbox for days and you are avoidant, it becomes so much bigger in your head? Then, the moment you finish it, you gain a bit more confidence and everything else you do that day feels so much less stressful and difficult? You build some momentum and confidence! When you do this, your brain and body will thank you by responding positively. Then eventually, like a muscle, you do this daily and things will become more manageable. It won’t ever be EASY but you will understand your capability much better and you won’t feel the need to avoid it.

#2. The only way to learn your strengths and weaknesses is to begin! Like the example above, you may actually be making what you need to do harder in your head. You may actually start the process and find out you are a natural at what you are doing! On the other hand, you may think you are great at something and find out you actually need help with it. But you don’t know either of these things until you start! The more you learn about your innate strengths and weaknesses, the better you can help yourself!

While preparation is necessary for anything in life, you also have to remember that there are things that only starting can help you with. Your journey is so individual and only you can experience it the way you need to. Encouraging you to start today, even if it is a small step!

With Love,


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